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8d4ff-wllcoverMontlake Publishing (my publisher for my debut novel) will, on Amazon, be offering Wait a Lonely Lifetime at 1/3 the usual price (99¢) from Friday, March 4th through Monday, April 4th.

In the spirit of this Spring Sale from Montlake Publishing, I will be offering the same amazing deal for ALL my books currently listed on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords during the same time period, approximately 65%.  Books that are currently available for 99¢ will be FREE (except Barnes&Noble & Amazon) for the duration of the sale.

Beginning on March 4th, this March Madness Sale is the perfect opportunity to get ready for your Summer Reading Adventure!

My part of the sale will also include my historical novels set Wales! Details about those are on Lily Dewaruile: Welsh Medieval Romance.

All of my ebook titles will be on sale until April 4th:


‘Twas the Night Before New Year FREE
‘Twas the Night Before Valentine’s Day FREE
‘Twas the Night Before Mother’s Day FREE
‘Twas the Night Before Labor Day FREE
‘Twas the Night Before Veteran’s Day FREE
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Eve FREE

Wait a Lonely Lifetime 99¢ (Only available on Amazon)
Salsa Dancing with Pterodactyls $1.65 
This Can’t Be Love 99¢




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Maine is one of those far off places we know with a mystical quality. We are close to Canada and far enough away from the big cities, bordered on the west by New Hampshire and on the east by the rockiest coast and the Atlantic.

Our neighbors keep watch over us and keep to themselves. We do the same for them. We are naturally laconic, being a bit shy of people from away but when called upon we can tell some tall tales.

From my earliest memory, Maine has been the place my imagination whisks me away to though I haven’t lived there since I was five.

Book Cover: Nights Before #3I’ve found Maine in my solitary excursions to Golden Gate Park as a young girl on a bike and again when I moved to live in Wales as a newly wedded wife. Neither of these places are as cold in Winter nor as vibrant in Fall but close enough to give me that sense of being ‘at home’.

Where is the place you call home? Where do you feel your greatest sense of being where you belong?

A few years ago, the editor of a Welsh writers’ anthology asked me what I wrote about, what my over-arching theme was. Although I had never thought about it, I answered, “Finding a home, a place to belong.”

My serial novel in six installments, Nights Before,  is set in Maine, a kind of love letter to the state and the people hardy enough to live there year-round.

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