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1871. The war has been over for six years but Rupe Smith still fights his demons. Ten years have passed since he left his Maine village. His Wyoming ranch is the one place he wants to be and the last place he can be. There is no escape from the guilt of his parents’ grief or his longing for the girl whose one letter kept him alive, without knowing she is beyond his reach, married and raising a family.

Cathryn Marcher is not the giddy, giggling girl with high ideals she was before the war. The woman who waited for Rupert Smith’s safe return has no doubt she isn’t the reason he has finally come home. The haunted expression on his handsome face reminds her of the outcome, the horror and suffering of war she saw close at hand, all those years ago, in the faces of soldiers she nursed in Boston.

Captain Smith and Miss Marcher share a love of music but Cathryn must hide her disappointment when Rupert chooses to sing in harmony with the widow, Mrs. Miller, whom the residents of Oslo Hill believe will be his bride.

Susan Miller’s disdain for her voice teacher, her rival for Rupert’s love, is matched by Colonel Jericho Colson’s loathing for his fellow Union Army officer, his rival for Cathryn’s heart.

Available in print on CreateSpace, as an ebook on Smashwords, Kobo, Amazon

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Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance
Size Matters, By J. L. Salter
Size does matter, when you’re only a foot tall.
Accidentally swallowing a mysterious pill from her eccentric scientist cousin, Emma Hobby shrinks to under a foot tall. When she resumes normal size, she must track down her cousin, who’s obviously in trouble (based on those unsettling messages he left). Can those sci-fi miniaturization pills help find him? How about Logan Stride, the attorney who wants to handle more of Emma than her case? 
Emma Hobby mistakenly takes a pill from a bottle mailed her by her eccentric/brilliant cousin — and it reduces her to eleven inches tall. Now she’s eye to eye with the Cyndi dolls she lovingly collects and sells in her shop.
Nobody – not even her best friend – believes her, so Emma takes another pill to see if it happens again. It DOES! This time she has a witness (Vickilee), who records things as they happen… and establishes a partial timetable.
Now that she thinks she knows what happens and when, can Emma use these pills somehow to help rescue her cousin, who left those unsettling messages? And will that handsome attorney she’s almost dating help her efforts? Or will Logan Stride just get in her way?
 Size Matters. Novel, $1.99. Size Matters

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On the Night Before Labor Day, a preview of my latest novel: Opening chapter of first story.

Nights Before: The NovelNew Year’s Eve is a time for reflection and change. Jocelyn has more changes coming at her from all directions beginning on a Portland, Maine winter day than she’s faced since her mother’s death. None of it bodes well for the junior editor’s fledgling career when her fiancé abandons her. If not for three unwise princes, a Viking warrior and a sinkhole…

So starts the last day of an Old Year in Jocelyn Tavers’s life. Over the next 12 months, she faces her 26th birthday, falling on Mother’s Day, at the same time as she wonders what happened to a certain officious lawman and a certain deserter father remembers her birthday after only fifteen years of neglect.

An ex-boyfriend and the appearance of a complete stranger are not the only obstacles to disrupt her author’s book launch, especially when that stranger is her next editing assignment.

But this New Year isn’t all downhill. Nights Before national holidays bring more than big sale weekends for Joey-Jo, including all she ever wanted for Christmas.

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Cover image for 'Twas the Night Before New YearI’m beginning my new serial with ‘Twas the Night Before New Year, inspired by the children’s poem by Clement C. Moore and a personal experience. As you may know, the legend is that Clement Clarke Moore wrote A Visit from St. Nicholas on Christmas Eve, 1822 on a sleigh ride home from Greenwich Village. His inspiration may have been Sinter Klass or more literary sources. In any case, The Night Before Christmas became a self-published classic, loved and treasured from generation to generation.

Moore refused to acknowledge this work until fifteen years after its appearance in a neighboring town’s newspaper and became an overnight success – in today’s terminology – went viral. Very little of his scholarly work is remembered, but he reluctantly included this ‘mere trifle’ in a collection of other writings in 1838 and became a legend as well as generating an industry based on the trifling matter of Santa’s sleigh ride through the midnight sky.

I have written ‘Twas the Night Before New Year for fun. This humorous serial novel will follow the trials and tribulations of Portland, Maine small press editor, Jocelyn Tavers, after she is abandoned by her fiancé – who’d rather be skiing, without her – on New Year’s Eve, through a year of Nights Before.

Merry Christmas!

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Sandra Carey Cody has decided to take a short break from murder and has written a short romance – More Than Words Can Say. This story is available on Kindle and will be free tomorrow and through the weekend.

I’ve started reading already. If I hadn’t stopped to post this blog, I wouldn’t have put it down.

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Seems there’s more suspense writing going on this month among writers I know. K T Roberts has a new novel, The Last Witness, on Amazon, free this weekend!

An introduction to the book appears at Avalon Authors’ Blog and the free ebook is at Amazon, but hurry, you only have until June 24 to claim your copy.

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Cover Artwork for Wait a Lonely LifetimeJoyce Lamb, of True Vision fame and a RITA finalist, is interviewing me on her USAToday HEA blog tomorrow, May 24 2012. Stop by, leave a comment, ask a question.

We will be talking about Wait a Lonely Lifetime and a few other novels I’m working on.

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